THE NEXT STEP - Advocates Against Domestic Violence
Who are we? 
We are an organization of  SURVIVORS of domestic violence.
What do we do?
We provide education on domestic violence and support for victims and their families.
How do we assist?
We partner with other organizations and lobby for victims' rights through legislation and funding. We help them transition to safety and into their purpose.
How do we do that?
Through education.  We are survivors with a message. We provide assistance to individuals by putting them in touch with organizations and helping the victim transition from where they are, to where they need to be...SAFE!! We help the victim to learn what their rights are and where they can get help.  We are here to help you take  THE NEXT STEPs.
Our VISION for THE NEXT STEP organization is to be the face and voice of  those in domestic violence.
Our PURPOSE is to heighten awareness, promote and support legislation that will ultimately stop this epidemic. 
We are funded through personal funds and contributions. Our mission is to continue to grow and make an impact.  We are successful because we know the HEARTS OF THE VICTIMS.  WE ARE SURVIVORS.  We are reaching out  for those who are where we a domestic violence situation.
We offer at no cost to you:
(Love offerings welcome to support our cause)
  • Panel discussions
  • Resources (pamphlets and literature)
  • Referrals
  • Speakers (with their story and testimonials)
  • Workshops
  • Round Tables
  • Conference Calls
  • Support for victims and families
THE NEXT STEP 301 627-7139
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